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  Micro GPS Telemetry Unit  
  Track your rocket from launch to landing, weighs less than a 9v battery (including antenna). Small enough to fit in a 38mm airframe with room to spare. The receiver plugs into your laptop via USB and allows you to record the flight data as well as viewing real time. Finding your rocket is easy, simply enter the last position into your GPS and walk right to it. You don't need any kind of license to use it and it's less than $300.  
  A high performance 50 channel ublox 6 technology chip and a quadrifilar helix antenna. A 32 channel engine with over 1 million effective correlators is capable of massive parallel searches across the time/frequency space. This enables rapid Time To First Fix (TTFF) while long correlation/dwell times make possible the best-in-class acquisition and tracking sensitivity.  
  Connected to a compact 250mW 900MHz FHSS* transceiver with 25 frequencies and 7 hop sequences. 65,000 unique addresses for each channel guarantee no interference from other units. Outdoor RF line-of-sight range up to 9 miles (14.4km) with the included dipole antennas.  
  The transmitter runs on 5-9v, you can expect over an hour of telemetry from a fresh 9v battery. a 7.4v 800mAh Lipo will last about 4 hours .  
  *(Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)  
  To place an order please click on the Buy Now button below! The cost for the starter kit is $299.00 + shipping and handling.  
  Please be aware that Washington State residents will be charged sales tax at 9.5%, shipping is normally 1-2 weeks.  
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